What is SEO ? [Search Engine Optimization]

What is SEO ?

Search engine optimization (seo) means a lot of things to a lot of people but what really is search engine optimization? First off it’s not search engine marketing or sem. Search engine marketing is the ability for advertisers, ad agencies, marketing firms and the like to pay for a sponsored listing in cpc (cost per click) search engines like Overture and via Google AdWords Programs. Search engine marketing is the quick fix to driving targeted traffic to a web site but it’s also the most expensive to get search engine traffic.

SEO on the other hand is the technique employed by web site owners to make their web site more search engine friendly. When a site is optimized for the search engines properly it will receive traffic from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others at no additional cost per visitor. That’s right! The major search engines will send traffic to your site for free! What’s the catch? Your site needs to look good to the search engine spiders and needs to be on the first page of the major search engines when users type in keywords that relate to your web site’s business. A good search engine optimization firm can get you to the top of the search engines and will keep you there.

What Does Search Engine Optimization Involve?

When someone optimizes your site they’ll be looking at several areas of the site and we’ll list some of those areas here.

Website On Page Elements

  • Meta Tags – Keyword, Description, Robots and Accessibility Tags
  • Page Title
  • Content – Positioning of the content and disbursement of keywords throughout the copy.
  • Links – Link structure, Alt tags, Text link words and titles.
  • Keyword Density of each major section on the page.
  • HTML Validity
  • Web site accessibility.
  • Many more

Website Off Page Elements

  • Number of pages currently indexed in the major search engines.
  • Number of sites linking to you (backlinks).
  • Link reputation of your backlinks.
  • On page factors of your backlinks.
  • Nature of the majority of your site, is it dynamic or static?
  • Many more

Website Submission to Search Engines

  • Guaranteed Inclusion Programs
  • Getting indexed quickly by search engine spiders and crawlers like Googlebot.
  • Niche directory submissions.
  • Possible CPC search engines like Looksmart.
  • Submission to free directories like ODP
  • More based on your site’s needs.

Website Ranking Reporting

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • Conversion Analysis
  • Web Site Heuristics
  • Traffic paths for targeted keywords.
  • More based on each site’s needs.