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To make an impression on the employer or clients, you, should not be missing building an online presence with resume website. Professional resume writing services and resume website features to allow you to stand out as a potential employee.

Professional Resume Website

Environmental concerns aside, who wants a pile of paper resumes or files full of PDFs to sort through? Having a hosted link to send employers allows easy access to your resume and gives you the ability to more directly control the content of each resume you send out. The ability to add linked content is another advantage of a web-hosted resume.

Webkage provides attractive resume website design and hosting services along with Professional Resume Writing Services from our partner website

Advantage of Resume Website

Keep your resumes in the cloud for free
Webkage allows you to store as many versions of your resume online as you would like. Each resume is provided with its own unique link to send to prospective employers.

Simple Customization
Edit a Resume Templates in seconds: Add, Remove, and Reorder your resume with ease.

Unique URL for each of your resumes
Fully hosted own URLs for your resumes. Webkage provides you with your own URL for each of your resumes for easy sharing of your resume. e.g:

Access your resumes from anywhere
By keeping your resume in the cloud, you can access it from any computer with an internet connection.

Resumes are formatted and styled for you
Stand out from the crowd by choosing from a selection of unique designed resume website. Our experts will customize and develop an eye catchy resume website for you. Easy to use resume creation and attractive styles.

Ability to embed your hosted resume in your own website
Create and host as many different resumes as you would like. We provide unlimited hosting plans for the website. Add links to your work directly to your resume. Also include interactive links in your resume.

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