How to Start a Blog

Here’s How to Start a Blog

Start your Own Blog in Minutes

There are 5 easy steps to start your own blog now!

1.Choosing blogging platform.

2.Register a domain name.

3.Select web hosting.

4.Customise your blog.

5.Writing posts and pages.

Choosing Blogging Platform.

There are plenty of different blogging platforms around the internet. For new bloggers to learn the basics We highly recommend WordPress as it is a powerful blogging and website content management system. WordPress is designed to be easy to use, All under one click, Updates, Install, Uninstall etc. It’s a simple process for you to set up on your own. Always WordPress is highly customizable also safe and secure.

Register a Domain Name.

Choosing a domain name requires a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity on the internet. Use keywords and make it short. We recommend you to choose a domain name without any numbers and hyphens, Also make it memorable and easy to type. There are already a huge amount domain of extensions exists and more keep on coming every day, Extensions are nothing but your suffixes, such as .com or .net, at the end of web addresses. Make sure about it and choose a .Com extension. The .com domain extension is the most popular.

Select Web Hosting.

Web hosting is a service that allows you to access website or post information onto the Internet. Without a web hosting you will not be able to access or start your website. Hosting plans are especially tailored to working with popular blogging platforms such as WordPress. We have special discounts and hosting plans that suits the blogging platform.

1. Go to our Web Hosting Page

2. Select the hosting plan that suit your needs, For a newbie we recommend Basic Plan or you can go with any Unlimited resource plan such as Business Plan

3. Grab the plan and Sign up.

4. Fill your details and complete the purchase.

5. Once you have done with it, just contact us for your questions on setting up your new blog. We will be happy to assist you at any time.

Install WordPress.

We have just “1-click-installation” for WordPress. All you need is Log in to your control panel and just search for “WordPress” around, Select the domain and click on the Install Now button. If you need more assistance we can happily assist you at Webkage hosting. Once you’ve successfully installed WordPress on your domain, you’ll get an email that contains your login information including admin login URL.

Customise Your Blog.

Now you will see a very basic page from WordPress on your homepage when you type your domain name on the browser. Changing your blog’s layout and design is very simple and easy. You can find a simple and clean free themes. Just go to appearance and then click on Themes, You’ll be able to see plenty of free themes. Click Add New button and then you may find more featured themes. You have feature filters and categories as well. If you want something more professional and from the scratch we can develop a new theme for you at additional cost. Also we have our Web Design Packages if you need a unique WordPress website design.

Writing Posts and Pages.

Now you’re ready to start adding content to your blog. Before that just add some basic pages like About Us, Contact Us etc. by visiting WordPress Dashboard->Pages->Add New You can add the title to your blog post in the top, and then your content will goes on. You can preview or Trash or Publish it. You can add images using Add Media button while writing content. Now once published the post you’ll be able to see them live on your web page.

Growing Your Blog.

It’s time to see your blog is growing. You can start training in the art of SEO. There are different online marketing plans for increasing the traffic to your blog. Social media shares, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisiong among popular search engines. We highly suggest you to go through an organic way to reach your goal that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are offering SEO Packages to improve your traffic organically.