How to Monetize Your Blog

Learn How to Monetize Your Blog

In this guide, you will learn how to monetize your blog, having a profitable blog isn’t just about the money, or instant cash. You have to think long term and focus on building your reputation as someone who is trustworthy and helpful.

Two primary ways to make money with your blog

  • Direct Monetization – Such as AdSense, Paid Links, etc.
  • Indirect Monetization – where you don’t make money from the site itself, but rather from selling services, products, etc. to people who visit the site.

One of the key distinctions is that the Indirect Monetization method does not require as much traffic as the Direct methods when you are using products such as AdSense and getting only pennies per click.

In the graphic above, We have shared the different ways how to monetize your blog in which it makes money. It was quick to point out that this is the way of doing it based on the experience and expertise. You may use some of the same methods, but will put them together in a unique way or in different ratios.

Trust is an imperative when you are using your blog as a financial asset. Your readers & visitors come to your site because they believe you have worthwhile knowledge to share, and because they trust you will tell them the truth and not misrepresent yourself or others.

Readers are smart. They can tell if you’re being smarmy or just going for the quick cash. If you violate that trust, they will go away – and perhaps take people with them.

What’s the best way to build trust and authority?

Add Value!
When you add value, you are letting people know what you have for them and how it helps solve a problem they have identified for themselves. That doesn’t mean the only thing you talk about are your own products or services. To really add value, you need to think about what the reader really needs, and help them find it. Sometimes that means endorsing someone else’s products or services. (Just make sure you can really stand behind your endorsement. If not, the trust gets broken.)