The Dangers Of Using Free Web Hosting Services

Most people that do not know a lot about the various types of web hosting available often make the mistake of going for one of the hundreds of available free web hosting services.

After all, what harm can it do?

Well, the answer to that depends on what it is that you are trying to achieve with your online presence. If you have a small, basic, personal website then the answer to that question is no, free web hosting services would actually be more beneficial to you than anything else.

On the other hand, if you have something more serious planned such as company website that has an SEO strategy involved, then a free web hosting service is definitely not the way to go. A free web hosting service in this case would actually do you more harm than what you may initially think.

Free web hosting serves well whenever a basic web design project comes our way as it allows us to upload the unfinished and finished versions of the website so that the client may view it and recommend any changes. This is obviously only a temporary web hosting solution for the design stages. Free web hosting would not do well for a larger project that relies on a lot of coding. Reason being that free web hosting services tend to be slow unlike regular web hosting services, and the last thing I want to do is show a client a slow performing version of their unfinished website or application for his or her approval.

So why exactly are free web hosting services not a good option for websites with ambitions? Let me explain the other negative aspects of free web hosting services?

We’ve All Heard Of 99.9% Up-time But With Potential Hardware Reliability Issues Would 99.9% Downtime Be Acceptable To You?

Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating about the 99.9% downtime but let’s face it… Servers cost money to run and maintain. Since these free hosting services are free, it means the server being used may not be of the highest quality. This creates the risk that the server could more than likely fail to function as well as it should. This could cause data loss and don’t be surprised if no back-ups were made either. After all, when it comes to free web hosting services, you get what you pay for.

Are You Aware Of The Disk Space and Data Transfer Limitations That Comes With This Type Of Web Hosting?

Limited space and data transfer is a problem with free web hosting. With most pay hosting services you get a decent amount of disk space and data transfer. Should your website grow in size or popularity, you could always upgrade to a higher package, an option not available with free web hosting services.

Does Credibility Really Matter Nowadays?

How would you feel if your customers find out that you are using a free web hosting service? If you are running a small personal site then using free web hosting services won’t hurt your credibility, but if your company is using a free web hosting service, then you could seriously tarnish your reputation.

What Dark Things Lurk On That Server Your Website Calls Home?

Free web hosting services are very popular amongst hackers as it used by them as a platform from which to launch attacks. Free web hosting services are often the home of phishing websites and other websites that launch Denial of Service Attacks.

To protect people, Google marks and flags these websites with a warning if they ever show up in the Google search results. In a lot of cases, Google has even banned entire free web hosting servers and all the websites hosted on them, from entering the Google search results. This is done because of the activities that goes on on some of the free web hosting servers, and if you are hosted on the same server, you unfortunately too will be prevented from getting listed on Google whether you are guilty or not. This would render any SEO strategy, no matter how great it is, useless.

There are a wide variety of excellent web hosting services offering different types of paid hosting. The options vary, depending on your needs and fulls the gaps that free web hosting services cannot. Shared hosting, which is the most affordable of all paid web hosting services, is the most common and best suited for most people’s needs. C Class hosting is fairly new, and is for people that are really serious about their SEO campaigns. If you are just starting out and don’t have a whole lot of traffic just yet, then a reliable shared web hosting account would be your best bet. Whatever you do, don’t be tempted by free web hosting plans when looking for a web hosting company.