Build an Arcade Games Website with WordPress

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Setup your Arcade Site with one of our suggested easy WordPress Arcade Theme and plugin

In 24h you will have a READY TO USE ARCADE SITE with over 2000 GAMES and automatic updating !

WordPress Arcade Theme

Create your WordPress Arcade Website in 2 Easy Steps.

You need to follow 2 easy steps to create your WrordPress Arcade Website. One is buying the MyArcade Plugin and other one is ArcadeMate WordPress Theme.


MyArcade Plugin allows you to automatically grab games from several gaming portals, so you can have all games, for free, with just a few clicks! Also, the plugin offers you a great way to make money with Google Ads and others.

Buy MyArcade Plugin directly from their website.


ArcadeMate developed with nice and modern features for efficient work, The theme offers tons of amazing features and options. ArcadeMate is a highly customizable theme. You can adjust and customize everything without touching the code. A few factors like multiple headers, website colour, fonts, website layouts, boxed & wide view, breadcrumbs, quality modern code, responsiveness etc. Install the theme easily in minutes and setup your site online instantly. You can easily set up everything about the theme from the powerful theme options panel.

Check ArcadeMate WordPress Arcade Theme Demo

Check out tons of other nice features and buy the theme only for $29 directly by visiting

You should need any WordPress Hosting Plan to create your Arcade Website.


  • Creates automatically all the categories.
  • Creates database table where the games will be stored.
  • Checks if there are any duplicate game posts.
  • Creates the directory where the games will be stored.
  • Manage feeded games.
  • Offset Feeding to feed all the games you want without any harm to you web servers.
  • Auto check for new games on all partners.
  • The fetched games can be played before you decide to publish or not.
  • The games can be Published, Unpublished.
  • The games can be downloaded or not so you can gain revenue from hosting them.

Note: We have this post only for learning and just information purpose other than we wouldn’t commit to provide any technical support for any of the plugin or theme mentioned here. You should visit their official website for sales and support or any other inquiry.