Anchor Text Optimization

This article helps you on how to effectively use anchor text.

Anchor text optimization is important and can be extremely effective if used correctly. Unfortunately, the correct use of anchor text is one of the most overlooked and misused parts of most SEO strategies.

What exactly is anchor text?

Anchor text is the visible text of a hyperlink, take a look at the example link below to my home page.

<a href=””>Webkage</a>
The anchor text is Webkage.

So why is anchor text so important in SEO?

Anchor text optimization is important because search engines use it in their algorithms to determine the website in questions rankings.

How does it work?

Search engines, most especially Google, are almost constantly checking the anchor text of your website. Whenever you obtain a link from someone else’s site, the search engines will note the anchor text of that link. With each instance a word or phrase shows up in your anchor text, your chances improve for increasing your ranking for that word or phrase.

Let’s say for example you have a blog that is about rose gardening. If you build a lot of links with the words rose and gardening in your anchor text, you will improve your chances of increasing your ranking for the words and phrase rose gardening.

How can I use anchor text effectively?

It is important for anchor text to reflect the content to which the link is linking to. This means that if you can link highly related pages together they will do much better in their respective SERPs. Pages on would benefit from the addition of the word SEO, therefore adding links from every page of the site using anchor text “SEO Other Keyword(s)” would be beneficial.

Also pay attention to internal links that point to pages within the same website. These links should also be optimized since they tend to help with rankings. Anchor text from external links, is more effective than internal links, so don’t only rely on internal anchor text.

Things to watch out for

What most people do when they hear about anchor text is build links with the same exact anchor text. This naturally seems like a good idea. The more of the same anchor text, the better, right?

However, there seems to be an anchor text spam penalty on Google. If you use the same anchor text over and over multiple times, Google can and may think that you are trying to manipulate them. Therefore your ranking will decrease instead of improve.

A better approach would be to vary your anchor text, therefore making it look a little more natural. This doesn’t mean you can’t target your desired term. You just need to be a little less obvious about it